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About us

Portrait: Lidia Fogarolo Lidia Fogarolo, graphologist EmailLinkedIn
Psychology graduate and specialized in Graphology
Court qualified as an expert witness in questioned documents and handwriting
Director of Morettian Graphology School in Padua – Italy
Portrait: Manuel Tropea Manuel Tropea, lawyer Email
Portrait: Anna Fogarolo Anna Fogarolo, Social Media and Digital PR specialist EmailLinkedIn
Portrait: Angela Hodges Angela Hodges, translator Email
Economics graduate. Now a freelance translator working predominately with several Italian universities, translation agencies and locally-based law firms. Qualified to certify translations with the Court of Padua.
Portrait: Carla Bertolli Carla Bertolli, translator Email
Graduate in Biology and Psychology.
Portrait: Andrea Dainese Andrea Dainese, webmaster EmailLinkedIn  

Andrea is working as System Engineer at Cerved B.I., developing server consolidation project to run a multi-server application in a reliable virtual machine environment. He likes turn other’’s ideas in bit. [more]